Escrow Services

ELITE2A offers professional legal firearms sales escrow services through our integrated law firm for sellers and buyers nationwide. We handle escrow for firearms of all types, including NFA items.

We are a professional third-party intermediary handling payment between the buyer and seller, and if requested, also receiving the firearm from the seller.  This ensures that the payment will be cleared to the seller and the firearm will be delivered to the buyer and inspected before payment is released to the seller.

Advantages of Escrow

For the seller: Payment can be verified as in-hand before firearm is shipped to the buyer's FFL.  Payment forwarded to seller in a guaranteed form that will not bounce.

For the buyer: Firearm can be evaluated at the buyer's FFL and confirmed to be in as-advertised condition before payment is released. 

The ELITE2A Escrow Process

1: Buyer will transfer to ELITE2A payment in the full amount plus 50% of the escrow fee.  Once funds are in hand, they will be placed in an escrow account managed by the law firm.

2: Seller will ship the firearm to buyer's FFL or ELITE2A.

3: Buyer will contact ELITE2A when the firearm arrives at buyer's FFL.  The firearm will be inspected by buyer to determine that it is as-advertised.  

4: Upon approval by the buyer, ELITE2A releases payment to the seller, minus the escrow fee.  If there are any discrepancies in the condition of the firearm as delivered the buyer, ELITE2A acting as an impartial attorney moderator will negotiate a binding resolution of the matter between buyer and seller.

5. Escrow fees are: $100 for sales of $2,000 and under; 5% of selling price for sales over $2,000.  Elite2A is an FFL07/SOT2 capable of receiving and storing all firearm types.

Additional details can be requested by e-mailing