How To Buy

Order Line: 202-596-7303 or 

All items shown on the site are in stock now, and ready for transfer to your FFL/SOT. Call the other dealers and, chances are, they don't have these SBRs in stock. Plan on adding three-months wait to get it in-stock - and then start the transfer to your local gun store. If you see it here, we have it. Of course, if you don't see it, we can also special order other models not shown here.

To purchase from our store, you first purchase the NFA item from us, and we then transfer it to your local gun shop (FFL) who has a Class 3 dealer license (SOT). After the BATFE processes your paperwork, you take delivery of your NFA item at your local gun shop.

We prepare all of the paperwork that needs to be submitted. All you need to do is get fingerprints taken, sign and mail. All NFA items must be transferred in this manner.

We offer free shipping and sales collect sales tax if selling to a Maryland resident.  

Payment: Visa / MasterCard, USPS Money Order, Certified Check.
Cash Discount: Listed prices reflect a 3% cash/check discount. This discount is not valid for credit card purchases. Add 3% to the total cost for credit card purchases.

Trust vs. Individual

We recommend filing the BATFE paperwork as an individual, not as a trust.

There is some discussion about whether to file the BATFE paperwork as an individual or as a separate legal entity (a trust). In the past, filing as a trust avoided the need to obtain a signature from local law enforcement officials and fingerprints. Due to a rule change last year, the law enforcement signature is no longer needed for individuals. However, all applications now need fingerprints. Thus, these significant advantages of using a trust are gone.

On top of that, BATFE processing times for trusts are actually longer than for individuals. If you use a trust, the BATFE has to review the trust itself, as well as the background check.

Currently, according to, you can expect just under 200 days from filing until taking delivery at your local gun shop. Transfer from us to your local gun shop takes about 30 days due to BATFE processing.

NFA and State Rules 

Not all items offered on this site are legal for possession in all states. We can advise you on what can be possessed in your state. Please contact us with any questions.