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B&T APC9 PRO, cal. 9mm, M4 aluminum style lower with 1x30 round magazine, Elfmann flat face trigger, MBT stock, M-lok slots at 3,6,9 o'clock- Cleaning kit, sling, case & manual.

Gun is priced as "used" because it has been limited test fired by dealer, but gun was never transferred to a customer, in a case, or put on a show floor. Held in dealer inventory for testing purposes only.

Comes with all of the original factory accessories and packaging. More pics avaialble upon request.


B&T’s APC9 PRO Limited Edition SBR brings one of B&T’s most popular PDW platforms to a new level of performance and versatility. Like all of the premium firearms in the APC family, all of the APC9 PRO Limited Edition’s components are of the highest quality, and are meticulously machined and fitted with the Swiss-made precision that B&T is known for. The lower receiver is equipped with a wide array of upgrades, this is evident in the magazine-well which has been modified with a flared design similar to B&T’s Jet-Funnel accessory. The flared magazine well accommodates faster magazine changes, and texturing on the front of magazine well provides greater ergonomics. The lower receiver also sports a Elftmann Tactical Flat-Faced Trigger System to provide more leverage on the trigger for faster, more accurate shots. Another notable upgrade is the addition of an MBT Tele-Folding Stock. The stock can be folded to the side when not in use or for storage/transportation, can be adjusted to multiple lengths, and features an adjustable cheek riser – together, these features allows the stock to conform to virtually any shooter’s shape or size.

Other features of the APC9 PRO Limited Edition include the hydraulic shock-absorbing buffer system which greatly mitigates recoil and enhances overall accuracy, and a non-reciprocating, auto-folding charging handle to reduce the risk of snagging on loose clothing/equipment. In terms of controls, the APC9 PRO Limited Edition utilizes a setup reminiscent of the AR-15, such as the ambidextrous selector switch, the ergonomics, trigger assembly and accepts AR-15 style grips. These similarities make for a better shooting experience for someone already acquainted with the AR-15. In addition, the APC9 PRO Limited Edition is outfitted with a 1/2x28” threaded barrel with a tri-lug adapter for the use of a suppressor/muzzle device, and features multiple picatinny rails for accessories such as grips, lights, lasers, iron sights, and optics.

Features of the APC9 PRO Limited Edition:

  • Flared magazine well for fast reloads
  • Elftmann Tactical Flat-Faced Trigger System
  • MBT Tele-Folding Stock
  • Non-reciprocating, auto-folding charging handle
  • Hydraulic shock absorbing buffer
  • Ambidextrous safety

NOTE: This firearm is classified as a Short Barreled Rifle. All NFA regulations apply


  • Caliber:9mm
  • Weight:5.9 lbs
  • Rifle Overall Length:14.8" / 23.8"
  • Action:Close bolt blow back system - Semiautomatic
  • Trigger:Elftmann Flat Faced Trigger
  • Safety:Ambidextrous AR-Style Selector
  • Rifle Barrel Length:8.9 in
  • Rifle Barrel Twist:1:10"
  • Barrel Thread Pitch1/2x28"
    Tri-lug adapter
  • Rifle Stock:MBT Tele-Folding Stock
  • Scope Mount:Picatinny rail
  • Caliber or Gauge:9mm
  • HandednessAmbidextrous
  • Item ConditionNew
  • Product TypeRifles
  • MPNBT-36039-LTD-L

B&T APC9 LIMITED – 8.9IN SBR 9mm BT-36039-LTD-L (Dealer Personal)

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